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Welcome to the Myanmardotcom Website. Any reference to Myanmardotcom within this Website means Myanmardotcom Company Limited hereinafter referred to as The Company. Access and use of this Website is subject to these Terms of Use and The Company's Privacy Act Statement.


The Company reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove any part or parts of these Terms of Use at its sole discretion. Your use and continued use of this Website will be deemed as an acceptance of these Terms of Use and any changes that may have taken effect. Please check these Terms of Use on a regular basis for any changes.


The Company claims all intellectual property rights and copyright over some of the materials appearing on this Website. All other website and blog links appearing on this Website are the property of their respective owners.


The Company authorises the user to print and copy the materials published on this Website subject to the materials being used exclusively for personal use, that the materials are not modified in way, and that The Company is acknowledged as the source. Use of the materials in this Website for any commercial purpose without our permission is strictly prohibited.
However, user can contact the Company and get a permission to use any contents of the website.


The materials presented on this Website have been prepared from information believed to reliable and accurate to certain standard. The information presented on this Website may be reliant on third party information and is subject to change without notice. Although best endeavours will be made to ensure the accuracy of the information, it may not always be up to date, totally accurate or complete.


Although The Company will endeavour to ensure the accuracy, reliability and security of this Website, the user acknowledges that we do not make any express or implied warranties of any kind to the user including but not limited to whether this Website is free from any errors, omissions, defects, viruses, delays or interruptions of service.

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