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Burmese Food Recipes from the Internet

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Bean Vermicelli Saladပဲႀကာဇံသုပ္This is a completely different style salad from the Burmese. I think Lu Lu has invented this recipe for the oversea Burmese. Check it out.
Bean Vermicelli Salad Thai Styleထိုင္းႀကာဇံIn Japan, Lu Lu show off her cooking skill at her office party with this salad. I am sure she will be very popular and everybody will want her recipe. Lu Lu, Thank you for sharing this on the Internet.
Citron Sour Fruit Saladေရွာက္သီးသုပ္ 
Crab Masala Curryကဏန္းမဆလာဟင္းMouth watering recipe from Smoke and Spice which you can try with either Fresh or Frozen Blue Crab.
Crab Masala Curryကဏန္းမဆလာဟင္းAnother crab recipe from Myanmar Times. This curry use Thai style spices and recipe is a compliment of Bitter Sweet Coffee House from Maw Tin junction.
Crisp Saltfish Relish 
Featherback Fish Cake Saladငါးဖယ္သုတ္Video Clip from Myanmar Kitchens in English Language. This salad is prepared by the chefs from Hollywood Restaurant, Yangon, Myanmar.
Featherback Fishcake Saladငါးဖယ္သုပ္ 
Fish Curry 
Fish Pellets in Clear Oil 
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