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Burmese Food Recipes from the Internet

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Burmese Steamed Rice Cakeမုန္႕စိမ္းေပါင္းLu Lu will show you how to make Burmese Steamed Rice Cake မုန္႕စိမ္းေပါင္း
Butter and Lentil Rice (Suitable for Electric Rice Cooker) 
Butter Bean Riceပဲထမင္းThis link is for complete set meal which include Butter Bean Rice, Chicken Curry, Cucumber and Red Onion Salad, Prawn Balachaung and soup.
Chicken or Lamb Biryani Riceဒံေပါက္Shin Min (Smoke And Spice) give you an easiest and quickest way to make Chicken or Lamb Biryani Rice from the ready made packet.
Coconut Rice (Suitable for Rice Cooker) 
Crispy Roast Belly Pork Fried Riceအေခါက္ကင္ ထမင္းေၾကာ္Chaw Su will show you how to make this Crispy Roast Belly Pork Fried Rice. This recipe is an ideal for saving your left over Crispy Roast Belly Pork . Chaw Su wants you to leave some comments about her recipe and the result of your cooking.
Danbauk or Pillau Rice Simplified to Burmese Tasteဒံေပါက္This and the recipe following are of Indian and Muslim origin, using ghee (clarified butter) instead of oil. People from Old India have resided in Burma so long that decades ago such dishes were adapted and commonly used by the Burmese.
Danpauk – Burmese Biryaniၾကက္သား ဒန္ေပါက္ ထမင္းAnother version of Burmese Chicken Biryani by a Pakistani Chefs, worth checking out.
Fried RiceFried rice, as a one-dish meal, is, with slight variations, common to all Asia’s rice regions. Its recipes are simple. Here is a note on the important points in such simple recipes.
Fried Rice with More Ingredients 
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