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Flowers: Around Myanmar

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Name (English) (Myanmar)   Description 
Alexandrian LaurelPone-Ngyet Punn

Calophyllum inophyllum is a large evergreen, commonly called Alexandrian laurel balltree, beach calophyllum, beach touriga, beautyleaf, Borneo-maho...

AnthuriumPain Punn

Anthurium is a large genus of about 600–800 (possibly 1,000) species of flowering plants, belonging to the arum family (Araceae). Anthurium can als...

AsterMay-Myort Punn

Aster is a genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae. Its circumscription has been narrowed, and it now encompasses around 180 species, al...

BegoniaKhway PunnThis is a tropical herb. It can be grown easily by grafting. There are many varieties, some of which are grown as ornamental plants. It bears big beau...
Blossom from Queen of Flowering TreeThaw-Ca Punn


Bull Hoof Blossom/Orchid Tree BlossomSware-Daw PunnIt varies from shrub to large tree. The leaf of this tree is heart-shaped. The flowers may he white, pink, red, yellow or purple. The flower’s long st...
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